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“Only An Eye…

…but my God, what an eye!” In all honesty, Aperture has nothing else to offer. We cannot better the dusky, pinkish light that tints grey stone in early evening; we play no part in splashing those petal-patches of red and violet onto lush, green lawns; and we leave to Nature the green-and-white son et lumière spectaculars that swaying branches sometimes cast on your living room wall.

But Aperture Glazing does offer you an opening onto all those wonders.

Perhaps Paul Cézanne’s famous critique was correct: perhaps his rival, Claude Monet, was “only an eye”. But with a good eye, and careful hands, we will let you and your family relish the work of far greater artisans than we could ever be.

Your eye, of course, will help. What do you see… and would you like to see more?

Vanishing Point

Bring us in and the eventual result will not be composed of steel or glass — though at Aperture Glazing we are happy use both. It will be made up, instead, of curves, light, shade, and more colours than you can imagine.

Sometimes, with our Minimal Frames (see the Sliding Doors tab, above), our work practically vanishes. At other times, it actually does vanish: take a look at our Bi-Fold Sliding Doors.

Quite often, a project starts with a phone call. It ends up in the hands of the most experienced artisans in the business, many of them a lifetime at their craft. With careful hand and keen eye, they can make more visible and beautiful what, in all likelihood, you already possess. Call us: +353 (0) 1 401 8282.