Specifiers' Downloads

Specifiers’ Downloads

THE LINKS BELOW lead to specifications for many of the frame profiles we use in manufacturing. Note that it is not exhaustive. Please ask for information about anything you do not see listed here.

You need not necessarily feel limited to what is covered in these documents. When it comes to custom work, for example, very little stands in our way. Aperture’s Custom Glazing (see separate tab), offers architects and specifiers a great degree of freedom when it comes to pane size, corners, custom curves and so on.

Above all, be aware that specifications are useful only insofar as they are understood and followed. Our profile suppliers frequently work to a tolerance of a fraction of a millimetre. You can rely on Aperture Glazing to manufacture and install with a similar degree of care and accuracy.

Bi-Fold Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Minimal Frames